HOUSTON, TX—After Annie Scott became licensed as an attorney, her ambitions for law practice led her to the Prosecutor’s office. It was in her role as Cameron County’s Assistant District Attorney that she encountered case after case of individuals who had fallen victim to stiffer sentencing and unfair plea deals. Many underprivileged are serving sentences they did not deserve simply because they couldn’t afford adequate counsel. In America, in theory, and by definition, rights are inalienable. All should be granted equal consideration under the law, regardless of race, creed, class, culture, sexual orientation, gender, gender status, or national origin. The underprivileged had just as much right to a fair and impartial justice system as those with more disposable income. Annie Scott found it disturbing that so many lacked access to or simply could not afford quality, legal representation. This prompted a change in her career goals. In an effort to make quality legal representation accessible and affordable, Annie Scott decided to part from the system she felt only saw people as docket numbers. She launched The Law Office of Annie Scott in 2010, serving those in Houston, TX, and the surrounding counties. COMPASSION for People, PASSION for Law Laws are difficult to understand and ever-changing. Whether your personal freedoms are in jeopardy, or the threats are to your prosperity, health, or well-being, Annie Scott and her staff will work to balance the scales of justice in your favor. She is an experienced trial lawyer, one who offers personalized service and will fight aggressively on your behalf, even if matters are settled before trial. Every client is a priority, and since every case is unique, each is individually strategized for a course of action leading to the best outcome. “Lately, the atmosphere has gotten so divisive. But right is right; wrong is wrong, and people are people,” says attorney Annie Scott. “I embrace everybody. I want everyone to know, that whether they’re facing criminal charges, going through a messy divorce, or bitter custody battle, I’ll take care of them. And if they are sitting in ICE detention, are seeking a name change, or are fighting for transgender rights, I have an open-door policy and will welcome them with open arms.” Download Press Release for Annie Scott The post Houston Attorney with an Open Arms Policy appeared first on Annie Scott.