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Violent crimes are among the most serious types of offenses because they involve committing harm against another person, usually resulting in physical injury. Being convicted of a violent crime can mean severe consequences, including long-term incarceration and social stigma associated with a criminal conviction. In this situation, you need a skilled Sugar Land criminal defense lawyer on your side to help you fight for your rights and your freedom.

At the Law Office of Annie Scott, we have extensive experience in navigating the complex criminal justice system in Texas.

Regardless of the severity of your situation, our criminal defense law firm will evaluate your case, gather evidence, and use tailored legal defense strategies as you seek to lessen or drop the charges. Our dedicated lawyers are here to protect your rights and help you get the best possible outcome for your criminal case.


Why Do I Need a Violent Crimes Lawyer in Sugar Land TX?

If you or a loved one is accused of committing a violent crime, you are likely under a great deal of anxiety wondering about the range of penalties you will face. Criminal charges are very serious and can have a major impact on your ability to find work, find a place to live, or maintain a positive reputation in your community. The consequences of a conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life.

If you are facing a criminal offense, our credible Sugar Land violent crimes attorney at the Law Office of Annie Scott will aggressively fight for you to reduce any sentencing with the hopes of avoiding jail time. We will represent you in court and build a compelling defense for your case. We know how to navigate these processes and will provide sound legal advice every step of the way.

What is Considered a Violent Crime?

A violent crime is an offense wherein someone either physically harms someone else or threatens or uses violence while committing a crime. It is also called an “offense against the person” because it involves physical harm to someone else. These types of crimes involve a lack of respect for human life or property and consist of behavior that may cause serious injury or death. Violent crimes usually happen in public spaces such as in the streets, clubs, pubs, or even at home and in the workplace.

The seriousness of a violent crime is typically determined by the degree of physical harm caused to the victim. The severity of the crime may be further raised by the use of a weapon, especially if it is classified as a deadly weapon. However, some crimes may qualify as violent crimes even if the victim was not injured. Regardless of the nature of the crime, you need a knowledgeable Sugar Land criminal defense attorney to represent you and offer you the best chance of a positive outcome for your criminal case.

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    What are the Types of Violent Crimes?

    Many different kinds of offenses fall under the category of violent crimes. Crimes defined as violent may vary by state. It ranges from common assault to murder and each one is treated seriously by law enforcement. It may also involve the use of weapons such as firearms, knives, or corrosive substances. With the help of a reliable Sugar Land violent crimes attorney, understanding the different types of violent crimes will be beneficial to your case.

    Some examples of violent crimes that can be prosecuted in federal court include the following:

    • Assault – an illegal physical attack or threat of attack against another person
    • Aggravated assault – an attack or attempted attack against another person with a weapon or an attack without a weapon that results in serious bodily injury
    • Armed Robbery – taking or attempting to take something of value by force or threat of force
    • Battery – the actual act of physically hurting someone intentionally; often paired with assault charges
    • Domestic violence – violent or aggressive act directed at a family member, relative, or close friend
    • Homicide Crimes – the unlawful killing of another person
    • Kidnapping (Abduction) – the unlawful taking of a person from one place to another against that person’s will
    • Manslaughter – the unlawful killing of another person without any evidence of premeditation or intent to end their life
    • Murder – the unlawful killing of a human being with malice aforethought
    • Rape – forced sexual intercourse carried out by either physical force or psychological coercion
    • Sexual Assault – committing a sexual act upon another person without that person’s consent
    • Weapons Offenses – crimes involving the unlawful use of a firearm

    What are the Possible Penalties for Violent Crimes in Sugar Land?

    The state of Texas takes violent crime accusations seriously. Violent crimes can be considered misdemeanors or felonies. Felony crimes are typically more severe than misdemeanors, and you can face higher penalties as a result. Anyone who has been charged with a violent crime requires legal assistance from a qualified Sugar Land criminal lawyer to protect you from the worst of penalties.

    Penalties may vary depending on several factors such as the type of crime, the seriousness of the injury, whether death occurred, and whether weapons were used. Depending on the nature of the violent offense, you could face:

    • Lengthy prison sentences
    • Exorbitant fines
    • Mandates for community service and anger management programs
    • A criminal record for years to come
    • Restrictions on child custody
    • Loss of civil rights
    • Limitations on educational and employment opportunities

    What are the Possible Defenses Against Violent Crimes in Sugar Land?

    Several defense strategies can be used to get your case dismissed or to win you an acquittal. Even in cases where the evidence against you is strong, your competent Sugar Land violent crimes attorney can get your charges lessened or even have your sentence reduced to probation. The most common defense strategies may include:

    Self-Defense or Defense of Others

    Self-defense is one of the most common defenses against a violent crime charge. It is defined as the right to prevent suffering force or violence through the use of a sufficient level of counteracting force or violence. It applies to situations wherein the alleged offender used necessary force to protect himself or herself from another person’s attack or if they thought another person was going to cause them serious bodily injury or death.

    This defense can also be used in situations wherein you defend another person from the attack of a third party. However, the court will have to investigate whether the accused rightfully responded to imminent danger or not. Furthermore, it must also be proven that the individual did not start the confrontation.

    Lack of Intent

    The intent is a vital element of many criminal offenses. While some people commit violent crimes with serious intent, others do not have any intention at all. The prosecution generally must prove that you intended to cause them harm. Lack of intent can be raised when a person charged with a violent crime can show their actions were involuntary, unintentional, or caused by unforeseeable circumstances. However, this defense is difficult to prove and may not drop the charges completely.

    Mistake of Fact

    Mistakes of fact arise when a criminal individual misunderstood some fact that negates an element of the crime. In many situations, a criminal individual may wish to argue that he or she never intended to commit a crime and that the criminal act that occurred was a result of a mistake of facts regarding the circumstances of the crime. This defense may be applicable if the individual proves that there was no violence involved in the crime, or that he or she is not the person who committed the crime.

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    In Texas, crimes that involve violence are aggressively pursued by prosecutors and law enforcement. State laws are particularly strict when it comes to violent crimes. A violent crime conviction could have devastating effects on your future. If you were charged with a violent crime, your career, your freedom, and your livelihood are hanging in the balance of the criminal justice system.

    At this difficult time in your life, it is crucial to seek legal advice from our seasoned Sugar Land violent crimes attorneys at the Law Office of Annie Scott. Our criminal defense law firm will guide you throughout every stage of the legal process while making sure your rights are fully protected. We use our knowledge and skills to provide a strong defense for a favorable outcome in your case.

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