Probation Violation

Probation Violation Attorney in Sugar Land, TX

Probation is the legal act of the court allowing a convicted individual to reintegrate themselves into society with a certain set of restrictions they must comply with. Whenever a person on probation violates these rules, there could be dire consequences to it. If you have committed any infarctions on your probation, then it is best to seek legal assistance from a Sugar Land, TX probation violation attorney.

Under probation, an individual has to abide by a strict set of guidelines while being integrated into society. These include performing community service, refraining from substance usage, and meeting with your probation officer. Sometimes the rules can involve not being present at certain areas, especially in sex crimes cases.

Violation of probation can result in you attending probation violation hearings or revocation hearings. As such, an attorney from a reliable criminal defense law firm can be relied on to  represent you.

Probation Violation Attorney Protecting Your Rights in Sugar Land, TX

Probation can be tricky and if the probation court summons you for a revocation hearing, it is not advisable to go alone. Know that you can always hire a Sugar Land, TX probation violation attorney to help you with your case. 

The Law Offices of Annie Scott is committed to serving clients and helping them with legal concerns. If you have violated your probation or have to defend yourself in court, get in touch with a probation violation attorney in Sugar Land, TX.  An attorney can explain your rights, provide legal counsel, represent you in court and defend your rights. Schedule an appointment with a probation violation attorney right now.

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    Why Do I Need a Probation Attorney in Texas?

    When you violate probation in Sugar Land, TX, the law requires you to appear before the court where they can determine the violation and sentence you if found guilty. Regardless of whether you are guilty of violating probation, you are still entitled to legal services from a Sugar Land, TX probation violation attorney who can represent you in court, provide legal counsel, and help you understand your rights.

    The Law Offices of Annie Scott provides legal services to individuals who have been accused of violating their probation. The firm’s attorney has been helping clients with legal woes since the inception of the firm in 2010, practicing in areas such as DUI, domestic violence, expunction, and more.

    The probation violation attorney is committed to collaborating with clients and providing personalized solutions to their cases. Your attorney will be right by your side at a probation hearing to explain your rights, help you understand the court proceedings, and support you when you need to present evidence of your innocence.

    If you are facing probation violation charges, get in touch with The Law Offices of Annie Scott right now.

    What is Probation?

    Many of us have already heard of the term “probation” and we quickly associate or define it as someone who has committed a crime but can also integrate themselves into society provided they stay within the court-appointed guidelines. This is true. Probation’s aim is for individual rehabilitation and society protection.

    Individualshave a set of rules to follow if they are under probation. Among them include abstinence from substance abuse, a regular meeting with their probation officer, avoidance of certain places, and more. 

    Probation is often granted to those who have been accused of petty or low-level crimes. Certain more serious crimes are not eligible for probation. 

    If you are in need of a probation violation attorney to defend you in Sugar Land, TX and explain your rights to you, get in touch with one right now. 

    What are the Conditions of Probation?

    Probation conditions are decided by judges as they are the ones to grant or deny probation. Individualsmust agree, upon granting of probation, to follow the given probation conditions the court gives them. Probation conditions are given in order to facilitate the probationer’s rehabilitation and society’s protection. Among them include: 

    • Obeying Laws
    • Reporting to a Probation Officer
    • Pay all Court Dues 
    • Maintain employment or training
    • Avoidance of illegal drugs and weapons

    Conditions can vary depending on the probationer’s case. Some case-specific ones include:

    • Submitting one’s self to warrantless searches or a search conditions
    • Refraining from traveling outside the state or country without permission
    • Avoiding of places and people such as their victims 
    • Complying with Community Service
    • Agreeing to drug or alcohol tests and completing treatment or counseling.
    • Installing devices

    What is the Difference Between Parole and Probation?

    The procedure is the main difference that comes into play between probation and parole

    Probation is part of the offender’s initial sentence while parole is much later. Parole allows the offenders to be released early from their prison sentence. 

    The judge hands down probation at sentencing and does not usually come with jail time, only restrictions and guidelines the probationer has to follow. 

    Parole on the other hand is granted by a parole board after the offender serves time. Factors the parole board considers include in-prison behavior and level of rehabilitation. 

    What Happens When I Violate Probation?

    Probationers who violate their probation rules face consequences from warnings to jail time. Probationers must attend a hearing before a judge when a probation officer reports a violation. The prosecution must then prove the violation through evidence. 

    A judge who finds the probationer guilty decides whether to revoke or reinstate a probation. Revocation means that the individual must serve time while reinstatement means the probation continues.

    What are my Legal Rights During Probation?

    When faced with probation violation charges in Sugar Land, TX, it is important to understand your legal rights in order to navigate your way around charges. It is also vital to have a probation violation attorney with you to serve as your representative and provide legal counsel. 

    Among the rights include:

    • Receiving a notice of the violations 
    • Appearing and being heard by a judge
    • Being represented by an attorney
    • Presenting evidence and witnesses to refute the evidence against you.

    Call our Probation Violation Attorney Now!

    Probation violation can make or break your situation. The court can either revoke or reinstate your probation depending on what they make of the evidence. When you are facing probation violation charges, it is most important to know your rights and to ensure that you get quality representation in your case. 

    Get in touch with a Sugar Land, TX probation violation attorney from the Law Offices of Annie Scott. A probation violation attorney can explain your case, provide legal advice, offer court representation, and ensure that you get the best outcome possible. Schedule an appointment with a probation violation attorney now! Calls answered 24 hours a day/7 days a week by a live person.


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