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The work of an attorney begins well before trial and even before any form of bargaining with the District Attorney’s office. The first thing to do is arrange for the individual to have the freedom to return home before their court dates These pre-trial matters include the setting of bail and a Fort Bend County bond lawyer aims to secure favorable terms for their client.

The Law Office of Annie Scott fights for the rights of each individual that comes through our doors and that includes the fight for reasonable bail terms. Call our Sugar Land office at (281) 466-4118 or contact us online. Serving all of Fort Bend County and Harris County. Calls answered 24 hours a day/7 days a week by a live person.

3 Types of Bonds in Texas

The terms bail and bonds are often used interchangeably, but they are slightly different. Bail is the money that an individual must pay. 

A bond is what is posted to gain an individual ’s freedom before trial. There are three types of bonds…

  • Bond of Personal Recognizance: The most ideal situation for the individual, this bond is essentially just a modest administrative fee, at which point the individual can return home. In most cases, they will simply need to periodically report to a “PR” officer prior to their court appearances.
  • Surety Bond: This is where an individual only has to put up a small percentage of the total bail amount–10 percent is a common figure–while a bail bonds company puts up the rest. If the individual appears in court as required for their trial dates, both they and the bond company get their money returned. 
  • Cash Bonds: With a cash bond, the individual assumes the full cost of the bail themselves and can get it returned when they show up for their required court dates. Even though the term used is “cash”, other forms of collateral, such as property, might be used if the individual does not have the necessary liquid assets.

These bonds are the ways bail is fulfilled. But there is still the matter of determining how much bail will be required.

The quality of your defense lawyer may be important in determining the reasonableness of your bail terms. The Law Office of Annie Scott has fought for individualsfor over 12 years. 

Our Sugar Land office can be reached at (281) 466-4118 or here online to set up a free consultation.

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    Factors in Determining Bail

    A Texas judge will consider several factors in determining bail. The common theme underneath all of them is an evaluation of whether the individual poses a threat to the community at large and whether they can be trusted to make their court appearances.

    • What is the alleged crime? A individual faced with a murder or rape charge is less likely to get favorable bail terms–or any at all–than an individual charged with non-violent theft
    • Is there a prior criminal record? Individualswithout priors will, all else being equal, have a better chance of getting a fair deal on bail.
    • Is the individual a flight risk? Judges evaluate the likelihood that an individual would attempt to flee. A Fort Bend County bond lawyer who represents a client with deep ties in the community and responsibilities to family can credibly make the case that the individual is not a flight risk. The individual with nothing holding them here and with options on where to go might be seen as more of a risk.

    These are the three primary considerations. On one extreme, the most likely individual to get bail offered would be someone with no previous record facing charges for a non-violent offense and plenty of connections to the community. On the other end of the spectrum would be someone charged with a violent felony, with a previous record and connections in a non-extradition country. That individual will have a tougher go of it with the judge in a bail hearing.

    In between these two extremes there is a lot of middle ground, and a Fort Bend County bond lawyer is there to present the individual’s case in the most favorable light.

    Judges have discretion in setting bail and attorneys are there to fight for their clients. The lawyer who believes their client was treated unfairly in setting the initial bail amount can request a hearing to lay out why a lower dollar figure might be appropriate.

    The Law Office of Annie Scott has fought for accused’ rights since our founding in 2010. We believe that every individual deserves the presumption of innocence that is guaranteed by the United States Constitution, and we bring that presumption into each and every bail hearing. We believe in our clients, and we believe that fairness must start even before the trial. That means a bail figure that is appropriate and equitable.

    Call our Sugar Land office today at (281) 466-4118 or contact us online to set up a free consultation.


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