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Assault is a criminal charge that involves violence, and the prosecution takes it very seriously. When dealing with assault charges, seeking the help of an assault attorney is necessary.

In Texas, assault carries either a misdemeanor or felony charge, depending on the situation. The prosecution especially takes it seriously if the accused used a weapon or if the assault injured the victim.


Facing assault charges on your own can be difficult; that is why you need an assault attorney by your side. If you’ve been accused of committing a crime, you need a powerful defense attorney to deal with your case. At The Law Office of Annie Scott, our Richmond criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience in criminal law, and we are here to help protect your rights and freedom. You can trust our competent attorneys with your case, and we will come up with the best defense for your case.

What is Assault?


Under Texas criminal law, you may face assault charges if you:

  • Intentionally or recklessly caused bodily harm to another person.
  • Intentionally threatened another person, including a family member such as your spouse, with bodily harm.
  • Intentionally caused a physical interaction with another person when you know that that person will consider it provocative or offensive.

This means that you may face assault charges not just for kicking or punching someone. You may also be charged for threatening someone that you’re going to beat them up or if that person fears that you’re capable of doing it.

In Texas, a simple act of poking someone in the chest with your finger can also be considered an assault. The authorities can arrest someone if anyone nearby, such as a neighbor, informs them of a possible assault.

In many cases, the police arrest someone even with little evidence if they feel you’re uncooperative. Of course, this does not mean that you’ve committed a crime. However, you should fight against these charges to keep your record clean. No one should have a criminal record simply because they got into a heated argument. Our Richmond assault attorneys can evaluate your case and provide the best defense to keep your record clean. Call our law firm in Richmond, Texas, to schedule a free consultation.

Bodily Injury

Also called “bodily harm,” bodily injury means inflicting physical pain or sickness to someone else. In simple assault, this usually involves minor injuries such as a scrape, bruise, or a cut. Causing injuries such as a broken bone or anything requiring hospitalization or surgery or anything considered a serious bodily injury results in an aggravated assault.


Recklessness involves acts committed without regard for the outcome. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the accused intentionally wanted to harm someone. For instance, if you’re in a rush and you pushed someone in a crowded place so you can get through, it could be an assault if the person gets injured.

Offensive Act

An offensive act or provocative physical contact can result in an assault. An offensive act refers to an action that upsets someone or makes them feel threatened. Consequently, an offensive act doesn’t have to cause physical pain or injury.

If you’re under investigation or arrested for a crime, our Richmond assault attorneys can help. Call us at (281) 466-4118 so we can evaluate your case. Calls answered 24 hours a day/7 days a week by a live person.

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    Penalties for Assault in Richmond, Texas

    An assault in Texas results in a misdemeanor or felony conviction. The penalties depend on the level of harm or injury inflicted, the victim, and the accused’s criminal record. Depending on the conviction, the individual may face a punishment of probation, spend time in jail, pay fines, or make restitution payments to the victim.

    A conviction for assault in Texas becomes part of your permanent criminal record. This can affect you when you’re applying for a job or a mortgage loan. An experienced Richmond assault attorney can represent you in court. Call our Texas law firm today at (281) 466-4118.

    Dealing with assault charges can be terrifying and challenging. To get the best outcome from your case, an experienced Richmond criminal law attorney must assess it as soon as possible. At The Law Office of Annie Scott, we have competent criminal defense attorneys who can give you legal advice about your case. We have experience in criminal law, and we will help you protect your rights. Call our Texas law firm today to schedule a free consultation.

    Types of Assault Charges

    Misdemeanor Assault

    A simple assault in Texas is usually a misdemeanor. In Texas, there are three classifications under a misdemeanor offense:

    • Class A misdemeanor: if the individual caused bodily harm to another person with no other aggravating factors present, or if the individual commits an offensive act to an elderly.
    • Class B misdemeanor: if the individual committed assault against a sports participant during an activity or in retaliation to an act.
    • Class C misdemeanor: if the individual threatened someone with bodily injury or committed an offensive act.

    If you’re dealing with a criminal charge, don’t hesitate to connect with our Texas law firm. At The Law Office of Annie Scott, we are dedicated to providing you with the best defense possible for your case. Calls answered 24 hours a day/7 days a week by a live person at (281) 466-4118

    Felony Assault

    1st Degree Felony

    If the individual committed an aggravated assault against:

    2nd Degree Felony

    • The individual committed an offense against a relative, household member, or someone they have a relationship with,
    • The individual has a previous conviction of the same offense against someone described above
    • The individual knowingly or recklessly committed an offense that impedes the normal breathing or blood circulation of a person through choking

    3rd Degree Felony

    The individual committed the offense against:

    • Someone the individual knows is a public servant, security personnel, or emergency personnel on official duty or in retaliation for an individual’s exercise of official duties.
    • A relative, household member, or someone they’re in a relationship with, and the individual was previously convicted for the same offense, or if the crime involves intentional or reckless choking of the victim.

    Dealing with assault charges in Texas can be complicated. It can range from committing grave threats against someone to inflicting harm. Since a criminal charge can be complex, the accused will benefit from the help of an experienced Richmond assault attorney.

    If you’ve been charged with assault or other criminal charges such as drug crimes or domestic violence, don’t hesitate to speak with a Richmond criminal defense attorney. If you have a previous criminal record, we can also help you file a petition of non-disclosure.

    Get Help from a Richmond Assault Attorney

    Dealing with the criminal justice system can be intimidating for individuals facing criminal charges, especially if you don’t understand the laws and procedures that govern it. That is why a Richmond assault attorney is here to provide legal assistance with compassion and without judgment.

    At The Law Office of Annie Scott, our Richmond criminal defense attorneys are committed to protecting your rights and defending your freedom. Don’t hesitate to call our law firm at (281) 466-4118 so we can help you with your criminal charge or other legal concerns regarding family law, such as an uncontested divorce.


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